“I know this letter has been a long time coming but I feel it is very important that I finall…”

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I know this letter has been a long time coming but I feel it is very important that I finally put down these words and get them to you. I no longer wish to but around the bush. We have grown apart. Were we ever really to close? Sare, we briefly shared the intersecting Circus of drinking and videogames and stupid internet videos, but as the saying goes, there must come a time for us to set aside childish things. I don't drink, you work in a booze store. I hardly have time for videogames; you spent all your free time on them. You live far away and frankly never visit me. Sure, I know we had some great times. Remember karaoke? I don't think I will ever forget that night where we randomly did shots with the bartender. I can't believe you got me to drink all that. What about the time brought over scotch? That was the first and last time I got drunk from alcohol. A memory, but not a great one. Should people enjoy these things? You were a terrible influence on me, finding a lady changed me, showing me what's import at in life and it's not drinking and singing Garth Brooks. I urge you to look inward and shape up, maybe find someone, start working out or something Improve your life instead of just latching onto mine. I am sorry I could not do this face to face but may this letter serve as an official breakup and end of our friendship. High school is long gone, and we don't have to see each other any more. It's awkward but it's for the best. I wish you all of luck on your future endeavors. Goodbye and godspeed, T.

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