Write a Letter

Who will you write to?

Choose the category that best describes the person you would like to share your unexpressed thoughts with. Remember, you will not be sending this person a letter so feel free to fully express yourself. If you don’t see a good fit, please choose “other”.

Time to start writing

Find a quiet, comfortable space to gather your thoughts. On a single piece of paper, hand-write a letter to your person of choice. Begin your letter with an anonymous description of the recipient. For example, “Dear Friend,” or “Dear Ex-wife.”

What do you really wish you could share with them but are not able to say in person? This is your chance to open up and release your deeply buried, unexpressed thoughts and feelings to them. End by signing your letter anonymously.

Helpful reminders:
  • Keep all names (including yours) anonymous
  • Handwritten letters in ink are highly encouraged, but we accept typed letters as well
  • Take your time. Please submit legible letters so our community of readers can enjoy them
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Your Letter is Ready!

Now take a moment to reflect on your experience.

How did you feel before writing your letter?

How do you feel now that you’ve expressed yourself fully?

Select letters will be published on imperfectink.com and tagged with topics for our readers.

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Also, sending by mail is a great idea!

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Here's how to mail your letter to us:

  1. Drop it in an envelope and address it to:
    Imperfect Ink
    P.O. Box 49151
    Austin, TX 78765
  2. That's it!