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  • I’ve sat down with painter Lucas Aoki in our new Creative Spotlight Series to talk about his work, what drives him to paint, and how he uses creativity to heal.

    Lucas Aoki working on his mural


    Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us today and for sharing your journey as a fine artist and muralist. Can you take us back to the beginning? How did you get started and why did you choose to pursue fine art?

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  • Practicing self-love on a daily basis isn’t always easy. Between busy schedules, professional and personal obligations, and bad mental health habits, such as self-sabotaging internal dialogues, focusing on your own strengths and beauty can often feel like an uphill battle. Fortunately, there are practical steps you can take every day to make self-love and positive affirmations a regular part of your daily routine. Check out these 7 inspirational self-love quotes and 7 affirmations to help you practice and maintain healthy personal boundaries every day of the week to transform your life for the better.

    The Benefits of Prioritizing Self Love Every Day

    We all want to love ourselves, but for many people, doing so is easier said than done. Loving yourself for who you are isn’t just a sweet sentiment; it has real benefits that can make your life increasingly more pleasant, including:

    • Making normal activities easier: When you love yourself, there’s no need to question everything you do or wonder if you said or did the right thing in a particular situation. You can be confident in who you are and how you conduct yourself with others by setting healthy boundaries.
    • Having fewer self-sabotaging inner dialogues: By accepting and appreciating what you have to offer, you can stop wasting time trying to receive praise and affirmation from others. Self-love is the secret to achieving a healthy sense of self-esteem, so loving yourself is a great way to kill that negative little voice that pops up in your head at the most inopportune moments of your day.
    • Allowing you to truly be happy: How can you be happy with your life or others if you aren’t happy with yourself? When you learn to love yourself, you won’t feel so bogged down by others’ opinions or behavior. Instead, you can achieve inner peace and contentment regardless of what’s going on around you.

    By committing to making self-love a part of your normal daily routine along with drawing healthy personal boundaries with others, you’re sure to feel healthier and happier. Now, let’s get started.

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