“Dear Idiot – Well things have finally caught up with you. You can stop the pity party yo…”

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Dear Idiot – Well things have finally caught up with you. You can stop the pity party you have been trying to suck me into. You were out of my life for good now. You have a week to pick up the items stored in my garage or they will be put out for trash pick up. Are you surprised? Don't be. You left your Facebook open at the home of the woman you have been living with since May and her best friend so all your messages and sent me a message about your current situation – interesting how you've been crying to me about being homeless when all along you had somewhere to live. And interesting how when you stay at my house to do some yard work for the neighbors you don't feel well enough to work but have people delivering you dope to my house. You are nothing but a lying, cheating, manipulative jerk. I said we could remain friends when I broke up but that is no longer true. I expect you and all of your crap out of my life. I can't believe I felt sorry for you. You are completely pathetic and I am once again sorry that I even met you. You are a miserable excuse for human being and I hope karma brings you all you deserve. Please only contact me with the day and time you'll come pick up your items. Showing up unannounced will lead to the police being called. I will be speaking today at the neighbors about not utilizing you for help anymore. Have a nice life. Sincerely, Fed Up And Out Of Here

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