“Dear Love, I know it has been a year since we last spoke but I still think of you every day.…”

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Dear Love, I know it has been a year since we last spoke but I still think of you every day. I think every day about how things could have been different so that we could have stayed together. I always think about the good times that we had, but then it always goes back to the time it went downhill, fast. I had always wished that you had more control over your drinking because I really wanted to be with you for the rest of our lives. I know you still struggle with your drinking and I so wish I could help you but I know it is in your hands, and your hands alone to make the change. I have tried to move on many times and I always compare them to how we were together. It hurts to know that I will never see you smile at me. I continue to think that we will get back together but I know it will never happen and even if it did, it shouldn't. I hope for both of us to find a special someone to be in a great relationship with, to better us, as we had planned for us to be together. Somedays I curse you but I realize you didn't really mean to be the way you were. It was first the alcohol and the tie it had on you. It hurts to think that this will always be your life probably and that life could be so much better. It would be so much better knowing that you are living your life, rather than living in a drunken stupor. I will always love you and always think kindly of you. Your Love.

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