“Dear ex-friend, I do not think of you often, but when I do I am consumed with feelings of an…”

Dear ex-friend, I do not think of you often, but when I do I am consumed with feelings of anger, hurt, and betrayal. You lied to me and you treated me as if I was the one to blame for your actions. I do not blame you completely for the destruction of my marriage, but you were the beginning of the end. I trusted you, I stood up for you when others tried to insult you over your numerous affairs. I was wrong, I was wrong to believe someone so selfish could ever think of anyone else. I was wrong for trying to stay friends after you hurt me and kept pushing the boundaries of our relationship. When you sent me a mean email months after, blaming me for how you behaved, that I was too jealous, that I never thought of your feelings, I was so wrong to try to placate you. I was wrong for apologizing to keep the peace. Maybe it ultimately was my fault for trying to see the good in you after all the good had gone. Maybe I am to blame for your relationship with my now ex-husband because I was stupid enough to trust someone who had admitted to cheating on her own husband numerous times. I was foolish enough to believe you had any respect for other women's relationships. You are a horrible person. I know you think you are faultless for your behavior, but one day it will catch up with you. Do not come to me to forgive you because you can find no forgiveness here. Do not seek mercy from me, because I feel nothing but contempt. One day you will fall, and with everything I have in me that I am there to see it happen. And I will not catch you. - Your Ex-Friend

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