“Hey...A man's anger and a woman's love is immeasurable. It took some time for me to realize …”

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Hey...A man's anger and a woman's love is immeasurable. It took some time for me to realize that I really hurt you and I can understand, by my heart, its extent. Even at that haunted time I failed to recognize tears at the corner of your eyes, that was bursting due to my behaviour at that time. I am sorry, I couldn't control myself to that extent, because I didn't know what was going on inside me at that time. The only thing inside me was my anger that had sprouted from somewhere, even that I couldn't recognize, from where. But, dear, you know that it was not me, only my rage that had no eyes, ears and sense, except a furious attitude at that time. I couldn't even recognize you at that time, and it was you who was before me. And, I had told you once, remember that when I get angry, please don't argue with me, even if there is no mistake on your part. Just observe my anger. And when l stop just go back to your routine. Because, after some time I can recollect everything, My Dear has no mistake and so I will be around you to make you happy from the sadness that I gave you. But, this time, even you didn't care, argued with me, Dear I couldn't control myself for my actions and I promise to myself that this will not happen again. In fact, you know me well, a thousand times sorry from my heart and blood...I am SORRY!!! For seeing your smile... here is my sad smiley :(

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