“To A Lovely Mother, I’ve always wished that you might accept every part of who I fully am an…”

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To A Lovely Mother, I’ve always wished that you might accept every part of who I fully am and with an open mind and open arms. I’ve heard the way you speak about people like me. People who love other people who also happen to share genders. I have always wanted to tell you that I like women the way you have liked men. I recall asking you at 16 if you still would love me if I accepted an invitation to be one of my closest friend’s girlfriend. But when you laughed all of my courage sank down to my feet. And I let that part of myself get stuffed down inside of myself. To please everyone around me that I knew wouldn’t understand. And I went on with life and let that side of me stay hidden for 14 long years. You think you were right all these years. It was all just a phase. That I had fallen into some trend. That I didn’t know myself. But I am the same as I have always been. I continue to live my life only dating men, and trying to keep up this charade. But I am hiding such a big part of myself. And I wish you would love me as I am. Not letting who I love change how you love me. But I am in love with women. And I am so happy to think you will know it now, without a doubt. And I hope you can love me as I am. As I love you as you are. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t speak about homophobic things as well. But we can work on it. You will always be my mother. Your Loving Daughter

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