“Dear My Boyfriend's Son, I wanted to discuss with you the reasons I looked through your phon…”

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Dear My Boyfriend's Son, I wanted to discuss with you the reasons I looked through your phone without asking your permission first. I was terribly concerned about what was happening underneath my roof in my home and needed to protect my property. It was wrong of me to not trust you but I felt you did not like and didn't like the fact that your dad had found someone to be in a new relationship with. I discovered so many things I didn't know about you and did confirm your hatred of me. I was the one who told your dad that you were a homosexual and you were dating other men. I wanted the secrets to stop and I am sorry that we couldn't work this out rather than everyone hating each other. I only wanted everything to be open and out in full view for everyone to understand what was going on. I know I have put a wrench into everyone's lives. After all of these years, I want you to know how sorry I am. I only wanted us to become a family. I wanted there to be no more secrets between us and the animosity and hatred to be gone. I am sorry none of this has worked out. I hope that one day you can forgive me. I am not asking for things to go back to the way they were but I just need you to know that I regret the day that I looked in your phone without your permission. It was a tremendous violation of your privacy. I want nothing more than for your life to be full and happy. I hope that you can find someone to love and accept you for the way you are. You are a good person with tremendous potential and you will do great things with your life. I will always be a fan of yours and hope the very best for you. Your Biggest Fan

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