“Dear Co-Worker, It has been a long time since we last met. It is my hope that this will find…”

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Dear Co-Worker, It has been a long time since we last met. It is my hope that this will find you well. I understand that the pandemic has kept everyone indoors but it will soon be over and we shall meet just like we used to. I have always trusted you with everything that I am but today I feel like I wan to open up my heart to you on something that I have never told you. Please do not take it in a bad way. It's a secret that I found better to hold in my heart. I have all along been fearful of sharing the issue with anyone, let alone my lovely wife. We have come a long way, been through a lot together and this has finally built a huge amount of trust to the point that I can barely hide anything from you. You remember vividly the events of September last year. Yes, the general manager's laptop went missing and has never been found. This was my own doings. I could not stand the fact that it contained crucial details on my work ethics and I feared that it would provide immense evidence to the investigators about my court case. I had to steal and destroy it for my own sake. After this went, I became so sad yet happy that my case had been dismissed. I wan you to understand that the sadness and guilt that come with what I did has suppressed the joy that I got when the case was dismissed. I have been living in fear yet cannot dare to share it with anyone apart from you. I can't stand being sacked, because I have a family to look after. I also cannot stand the guilt that would additionally face me if my manager found out about it. Again, the case would be taken back to court and the effects would ultimately be devastating. Kindly keep it between us, I trust you with my whole me. Your's faithfully, Co-Worker.

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