“Ex-Boyfriend, I still think about you a lot. I wish that I didn't think about you at all. Yo…”

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Ex-Boyfriend, I still think about you a lot. I wish that I didn't think about you at all. You really hurt me. But I still wonder about you a lot. I wonder what you're up to, I wonder if you're still at that same job. I wonder who you're friends with anymore. I wonder if you are dating anyone. I wonder sometimes if you dated me. Or if it really was some big secret on your end. I don't think that any of your family members knew. But that's how being long-distance works I guess. You can lead two separate lives and nobody would know. hate that I trusted you my feelings at all. I hate that lever responded to your first messages. I wish that I hadn't. Instead, now I think of and how you hurt me, and now I really don't trust men very much at all. I have that they aren't all as bad as you are I know that eventually I'll meet someone way better for me. And it won't be a secret. They will be proud to be with me. They will show that too, they won't just say it. Real people show their love with their actions. You were never able to do that. It was pretty sad. I'm disappointed in myself for ever giving you or this messed- up situation la chance. But I was and I felt really connected to You young, you. gave me a lot of positive attention and made me feel good about my self. But now it all seems so fake tome. Was any of it real on your end? I'll never know. The whole situation is sad and frustrating. I'm glad I blocked you. You are a mess, and I hope that no one decides to trust you like I did. I think you'll do the exact same thing to them. - Your Ex

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