“To The Person I Badly Wronged So Long Ago, I have been holding onto a secret for so long and…”

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To The Person I Badly Wronged So Long Ago, I have been holding onto a secret for so long and it has been eating away at my conscience and overwhelming me with guilt day and night for so long. I must not confess that it was I who grabbed and got away with your backpack when you stupidly left it there during your short trip to the bathroom. It was sitting there, unattended, just screaming at me to grab it and run away with it from the bar, so that is just what I did. I took it stealthily and went straight out the door and around the corner so I could open the bag and find what evil deed had profited me. In my defense, I expected it to be filled with perhaps a pair of shoes or maybe some personal hygiene items. I never expected to find what I found out to be the actual contents. I’m sure you can imagine my shock and glee to find waiting for me in the bag a bunch of costly college textbooks and a stash of over $2000. With shame and regret, I confess I was taken over with guilt and glee to find I was suddenly far richer than I was expecting when I stole your bag. But even on that very night, I was also filled with mixed feelings including horror and shame knowing my deed had left some poor guy, you, so much poorer. I’ve wondered and feared that my selfish act might have been the cause of you not being able to pay rent, bills, or buy groceries for you and maybe your family as well. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Sincerely, The Thief.

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