“Dear Readers Out There, This is a letter to those who don’t understand what PTSD is. I do no…”

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Dear Readers Out There, This is a letter to those who don’t understand what PTSD is. I do not wish to write in my own handwriting for fear of someone seeing it and knowing who I am. That is why I am here, to share my story without fear of someone coming after me. What is PTSD? Well, it isn’t just for military personnel who have seen war, it is for the trauma and yours and my past that still causes pain today. Each person is different with how their PTSD shows up, some might cry, pull away, cringe at touch, or freeze up. Mine is the combo of all the above it just depends on the trigger. My PTSD makes me look like I have ticks and have Tourette’s. I get this shiver that travels my spine and my head jerks, or my arms go flying, or I make some weird noise. Over the years it comes and goes in waves. I can go days without a tick and other days it feels like it’s nonstop. My therapist once tried to find the trigger to these tics and really I just think it is my mind as a whole. It is hard sometimes being me, people see me and know I was in the military and think that it all stems from there. Well, they would be extremely wrong. Up until the age of 16, I was abused by mostly family members, mostly my half-sister and step-mom, and some others here and there. To point out that my half-sister and step-mom are not related by blood and yet they both abused me. I was abused physically, mentally, and sexually in 16 years. The next 17 years were on and off abuse from ex-partners and family. For now, I think I will leave it at that. More to come later. Goodbye for now! -PTSD Warrior

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