“My dear Sister, I honestly didn't know how hard it would be for me when you moved. I thought…”

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My dear Sister, I honestly didn't know how hard it would be for me when you moved. I thought I could handle it. You weren't going to be too far away. I should be able to visit you when I want. But unfortunately, I didn't realize how wrong I was. My debt makes it almost impossible for me to come visit you. I need to get these bills paid off so I can come visit you. I feel bad that it's gotten to the point where you don't get your hopes up when I say I'm going to try and visit you I really miss hanging out with you, we used to go to concerts together and listen to music all the time We used to work on our art together and give each other our drawings, I know you have to grow up and move away from our family. I just wish I could have come with you and help you live your dreams. I hope someday I can talk my husband into moving to the place you're moving to. Or at least move to a state by the state you live in. I regret being so mean to you when we were little. I wish I could take it all back, you are my best friend and I couldn't imagine having a better sister than you. No matter where you move to, I hope we'll never break our bond. I am almost sure it'll never break, but I never want it to happen if it does break I hope you'll find an amazing guy who loves music and art as much as you do. You deserve the best sis! I love you so much and you will always be my sister Love, Sissy

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