“TO THE PERSON FROM MY PAST - I still think about you. I still dream about you. I do not know…”

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TO THE PERSON FROM MY PAST - I still think about you. I still dream about you. I do not know why. and I honestly cannot understand it is just a bit unusual for me to experience such things when I should already be over you by now. I know I am and I know we both have already moved on - We do not talk to each other, let alone, see each other and that has been the case for the last four years. But l am sure that you are happy wherever you are and whoever you're with. I am and while there are still a lot of things I wish I had, I am certain that you are not one of them. I am happy without you in my life and I am absolutely sure of that so why do I still randomly think about you? Why do you still keep appearing in my dreams? You of anything that is connected to you? I really wish to know the answer. I want to know why I can't forget about you after all this time. And if you feel the same, somehow were the feelings I used to have for you simply forgotten, but not gone? Regardless, I do not think there is a chance for us to ever get back together again at this point. So many things have changed between us during the last few years that if we ever cross paths again, we simply would not know each other anymore. All the familiarity will be gone and things will never be the same. I am pretty sure you know that too. We are strangers to each other now and that is what we are going to be someday if and when we meet. I feel like that said, I do not hate you and I hope you feel the same way for me. Even though we did not end up on a good note, I still cherish all those times we have had together. Those are always going to be special and they will always remain precious to me. l sincerely hope that wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you are well and happy. I wish you the best - THE PERSON FROM YOUR PAST

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