“Dear First, I am so happy that you are gone, I've moved on, and have a beautiful relationshi…”

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Dear First, I am so happy that you are gone, I've moved on, and have a beautiful relationship with the man of my dreams. But somehow, I'm still burdend with the question, "Why "? We were together for 3 horrible gears, and get I know I nevermet the real you, why, were you take? Why did you trick me into loving you back then? Why did you stay with me, and yet have multiple relationships behind my back? Why did you put so much effort into controlling the when you didn't even want me? I allready know the answer though, I think. I know with you raped, hit, choked, and trapped me. You are a sociopath. Hurting he got you off. Your abuse is just part of your disgusting mental character.. So I guess I'm not bardend with "Why did you?? I'm burdend with your lack of Karma. You fare such a miserable, evil, uindictive creature (I will not call a monster humanda when will the Wrath of the world come down on you for all of those you have fucked up? Because of you I will have issues I have to work out for the rest of me I life. But what happens to you?" That is my question When will you suffer? My suffering still affects my to day life, and relationships. You canstill see the marke of your abuse in my life. My suffering is still here. My Question is, "Whendo es mide end, and yours begin?" - your victim

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