“My Dear Dad, You are the person I admire most in the world. When Mom left us at an early …”

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My Dear Dad, You are the person I admire most in the world. When Mom left us at an early age, you were the one who took care of me and you were both father and mother to me. I have hurt you many times, but you have never given up your responsibility. The biggest mistake I made is my life was to marry against your wishes. You have warned me many times not to marry this person, but I did and now I am suffering a lot. I couldn't explain my suffering to you, but I can tell one thing, "SORRY DAD" for everything that I did. I have even stopped talking with you as you hated my husband. You were much hurt and I never cared about you for all these things. God has punished me. My husband is torturing me too much in all ways - physically, mentally, and verbally. I have no place to go now as you have also left our house. Now, I feel like I should end my life. But, Dad when I think of you, I am gaining the confidence to face the world. As I have a daughter, it is my duty and responsibility to raise her. I have decided to become both father and mother to her. I need you to come with us. We three can make a great family in our old house. I beg you Dad, please come with me, your child is in great pain. Please save me from this hell. I don't want to live with this Sadist any more. I hope you consider the letter as an emergency and come to me. Once again, I am sorry for everything that has happened and I am sure that you will forgive me and never see me cry. So, please Dad come home and save me. LOVE YOU, DAD. Yours, Loving Dot

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