“My Love, You have to know how much I am hurting right now. You have to know how unfair th…”

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My Love, You have to know how much I am hurting right now. You have to know how unfair this situation is. We are barely making it right now and you have chosen to add more a burden on us. Right now I am robbing the food budget to pay for Christmas and everything you need. It is so hard to live like this. I have so much resentment towards you in the first place for spending all our money, racking up all the credit cards, and then being mad and you keep spending on stupid stuff. Not only are we broke because of your poor choices but you don't help me at all. I get up and fix breakfast and lunches while holding a fussy baby and then get myself ready without any help. Now you've added another freeloader to the mix. He's a mooch. All he does is impose on people. How can you let someone come into our house and further drain us? Stand up for us! Tell him no. He needs to get a job and actually work 40 hours. He needs to buckle down and do it. We don't want to work but we do. I'm sick of his excuses. How can someone take from his son like this? He is a real piece of work. Show me your family is important and put a stop to this. He is a poison to you and us. Do the right thing and cut off all of this. He needs to learn to do the right thing. Your Love

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