“To My Ex-Girlfriend, Why do you continue to call me? It has almost been 10 years since y…”

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To My Ex-Girlfriend, Why do you continue to call me? It has almost been 10 years since you last broke up with me. It's hard to believe really. Yet, just about every year you feel the desire to contact me. I still love you, but sometimes I wish I didn't. I don't think you realize, or understand how you contacting me really messes with me. A part of me is happy to hear from you, while another part just doesn't understand. I stupidly think maybe you want to get back together, everytime, even though you don't mention anything of the sort, I hate that you always ask the same questions. Do I think of you? I try not to, and have tried to avoid things that remind me of you. Then you contact me and ask me that. I should just tell you, "I try not to." I never do as I hate to ruin a chance to have you in my life again. I don't think you understand how talking to you is hard. I always have my trump card though. When I can't take talking to you anymore, I say, "I love you." That always quickly ends the conversation, until you decide to contact me another year later. I wish things could be different, but I think you need to figure out what you want. Either give me another chance, or never contact me again. If you choose to never talk to me again, I hope you have a happy life. Love, Your Ex

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