“To My Lovely Wife, I’m writing this letter with great hopes that you’re well and keeping saf…”

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To My Lovely Wife, I’m writing this letter with great hopes that you’re well and keeping safe at home. How are our children? I have really missed them. I guess it has been a long time since I last spoke to them on the phone. It was my promise to you last week, that I would share with you a secret that I have kept for a while and which is actually leading me to more trouble if I fail to come up with a solution. I remember you asking me where I got the money to buy our current home let alone purchase my wonderful ride. I did lie to you and I want to apologize for doing so. I actually acquired a loan from the bank which I have been servicing well until the pandemic messed up with my income. The beautiful home that we got was acquired from the loan which I’m currently unable to repay. The bank is almost sending its representatives to take my car. I really want you to forgive me for holding back all of these details if possible. I ask that you lend me part of your savings so that I can prevent them from auctioning my car and our home. You would not allow me to apply for the facility yet we needed a home of our own. It had been embarrassing for us to stay in a rented apartment and all this had to come to an end for the sake of our children. Please get back to me as soon as you can. Your loving husband.

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