“Dear Dad, I have always wondered - why did you leave mom when she got pregnant? At first,…”

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Dear Dad, I have always wondered - why did you leave mom when she got pregnant? At first, I thought maybe we both weren't enough for you or that the thought of us and a family just didn't make you happy. Growing up I have always needed someone by my side and neither you nor mom were there. I know hers was an addiction, a sickness, something she just couldn't control, but you, you decided to leave us to fend for ourselves. Then I realized I was completely wrong, after watching mom restart her life by lying to us and hiding stuff. The truth of the matter is that you two were very young when mom got pregnant and then you simply were so selfish you thought you could move on as if nothing happened. You had no respect for a new life and didn't even bother to check on us and assure we were doing alright. This is why, today, having just turned 25, I decided to let everything related to you and mom go. I know she raised me until I was 9, but all I remember was when she hit me and made me do adult chores, starve for weeks, sell drugs and buy her food so she could eat in front of me. Take pictures of her so that she could sell herself, and many other things. I truly wish I will be a better mother and give my child all the love I didn't have. I'm no longer worries about you two, I wish you the best and hope you can forgive yourselves. I know I had. I just didn't Forget. Your daughter.

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