“Dear Best Friend, Girl. I am currently in a mess. Long story short, I've found myself in a l…”

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Dear Best Friend, Girl. I am currently in a mess. Long story short, I've found myself in a love triangle. I guess you could call it that...Remember the guy I was dating and we broke up in April? Well...he came back (they always do), and we started talking and have plans on dating again. The problem is, I've recently started an "entanglement" (Juda Pinkett voice), with a guy who I've known for a while, and who I always friend-zoned. Today, well no yesterday (because I am writing this at 2:21am), I went on a date with the guy (not the old flame). And well, it was fun. I had a great time. However I feel like I am kind of cheating because my old flame thinks I'm just romantically entertaining only him! Fast forward to after the date with New Flame, I get home and New Flame calls me, he is so happy he got to see me and he was basically gushing about seeing me yesterday. After an hour of talking to him on the phone, guess who called? Ex (Old Flame!) Old Flame was trying to Facetime me and gave up after the fourth ring. Because I was getting bored of New Flame's excitement and cheesiness about me and it was an emergency. I know I'm terrible. So New Flame says okay and goodnight because he thinks you called me and I hang up and Facetime New Flame! I feel like the whore of Babylon. Old Flame asked me what I did yesterday and lied and told him I worded all day and babysat my little brother after. Wow I'm trash. What is worse is, I did not tell you this because I am afraid of your judgment. I have no idea how this is going to end but whatever happens, happens. Love, C.

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