“Dear cheating husband, I am not sure why I still love you so much. But now, I am writing the…”

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Dear cheating husband, I am not sure why I still love you so much. But now, I am writing the last esther to tell you that I am totally leaving you. This is all because mallud ti years now and you love hown in het All will be vi the earth rust and foremost, you en to found in my work and stopped me from working 100 hane created all silly reason and acted in such a way that I have no other go. Afer this, you started aburing me paypically and mentally. Do you hemember the day when you have thrown myself and our kid out of the house within 2 years of our marriage. Ahone all, you started to verbally abuse me which became just Intolenable. You have even started verbally abusing my family. I have suffened everything and stayed with you. I remared to silent and beared everything because of my kid and my pareats. Now for the past one year, I am seeing many changes as you and came to know that you have an illegal affar. Now, this is just unbearable as you have cheated me and now just enough is enough. I have decided to leave your I have pre paned myself for a life without you. I have got a job now and now going to start my life without you. But, I will not leane you like this. I am going to file a case against you in court and will prove your illegal affair. You will defintely nepend for your actions, but I will never ever come back to you. I am also sure that God will puncah for what you have done to me. You are just living a see for life for you and not taking care of wo Anyways, Good bye for one and all. You lead your lo hourener you want. I just don't want to see your face again GOOD BYE 84

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