“To My Loving Wife, Greetings to you darling. I hope that this will find you in peace and goo…”

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To My Loving Wife, Greetings to you darling. I hope that this will find you in peace and good health. I am writing to let you know and/or answer your many questions on the experiences in Qatar back in the year 2008. On many occasions, I failed to let you know of the reasons I shifted from Qatar to USA but what do I say, I had really not gathered enough courage to do so but I thank God for giving me that courage to tell you now. Working in Qatar was never a great thing to do, it reminds me of the humiliation and discrimination I went through just to make ends meet. I had worked there for a good 3 years, as a security guard in one of the homes in the suburban part of Qatar. It is in this home that hell broke loose on me. I was deprived of food, my black color made me a slave in their home. My right to proper shelter could not be discussed with them nor my agent. When it came to work, more duties especially cleaning of utensils and clothing were added to the list of my security job. I was at their mercy, I felt like a donkey. The pay was little and I was also deprived of a day off and/or sick leave. On a certain Saturday evening, I remember vividly, my boss could not allow me to go for a church service int eh neighborhood. They really hated Christians and this did not go well with me. I felt abused, like I never had a right to live and wasn't enough, I lived in fear. The pasture had turned bitter. America has been great, life is better here. See you soon. Yours, Loving Husband

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