“I'm writing this letter to you because we have not talked in a long time. With everything go…”

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I'm writing this letter to you because we have not talked in a long time. With everything going on in the world, I've been thinking about things in my life that have forced me say to myself, "did that really happen?" When I was playing baseball in Georgia (in Highschool), I can remember a specific event in which the head coach of my baseball team made a specific racial slur that was directed at me. I am a firm believer that racism transcends all races and any person can experience a degree of racism and/or discrimination. As you know, I identify as an Asian-American and I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. I don't go looking for disputes, but rather, try to get along with people as long as my beliefs are not attacked or suppressed. Anyway, this occurred when I was 16 and playing for the freshman baseball team. The coach was having a meeting with the entire team when he pointed me out-used a racial slur directed at me (the racial slur is the one that is used for Asians in a derogatory manner). I can remember, not knowing how to react and no one stood up for me but my teammates chuckled a little bit. I had known most of these guys for over ten years. After the fact, I think I felt a degree of shame, not sure if I had done something wrong. I was left with a feeling of helplessness and anger towards this coach. As I have gotten older, I look back at the events with a little humor. The coach was ignorant to have made that comment. I don't think that means he's a bad person, just not aware of how he came off. As opposed to having negative feelings for him in my heart, I try to lift him up in prayer when I think of the event. If anything, the event helped forge the person I am today; it forced me to take a closer look at my identity as an Asian-American. I hope you're well and look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Your Friend.

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