“To The Girl I Met At Church, I first saw you at church one chilly Sunday. Your bright smile …”

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To The Girl I Met At Church, I first saw you at church one chilly Sunday. Your bright smile instantly made me forget about the bitter cold that I was just in. Your presence made me feel welcome and all warm inside. That first image I saw of you really took my breath away and made you unforgettable. That entire morning, I could not focus on the sermon, my mind kept wandering to you. I kept sneaking peeks at you and wishing that the sermon went faster. It finally ended and I quickly approached where you were sitting. I introduced myself but to my shame, couldn’t find anything funny or interesting to say. Even then, you still smiled at me and laughed at my puny attempt at a joke. I was afraid to leave. I was afraid that I would never get the chance to see you again. That was when I knew I was in love and that you had my heart. I prayed that entire week for you to still be there on Sunday. When the fateful day finally arrived, again I saw your radiant smile. From that day onwards, I kept seeing you at church and I kept failing to ask you out on a date. I was afraid of rejection and afraid of losing you forever. I’m a coward and hope that one day I will gather the strength to ask you out on a date. Please wait for me, I will express my true feelings and I hope that you will return my love.

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