“Dear Magical Woman, I don’t know if these words will ever find you, but I’ll let the Univers…”

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Dear Magical Woman, I don’t know if these words will ever find you, but I’ll let the Universe figure that out. It’s been a long time since we first met back in school. I remember the first time I saw you. You were the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen and that made me really shy. The most beautiful girls are usually not the nicest so it was surprising to find out how sweet and down to earth you were. Everything about you was so perfect in my mind but I never saw myself as someone deserving. I managed enough courage to get to know you and I’m glad I did because you’re a special person and I still think about you. We kissed once which I’ll never forget. I really wish I had been more courageous back then and told you how special I knew you were. Looking back I realize that we might’ve been together right now and that breaks my heart. Now that I’m older I reflect on the last opportunities that I had. Not pursuing you was one of my biggest regrets. How my life would’ve turned out with you… I know it would’ve been much better. I know that you have found someone who loves you now and I hope they treat you as the magical woman you are. Just know there’s someone out there who recognizes your true beauty and you deserve that. If you ever find yourself alone, we can start where we left off so many years ago. Lost Love.

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