“To My Male 11th grade English Teacher, I know that it’s been 31 years now since I was a stud…”

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To My Male 11th grade English Teacher, I know that it’s been 31 years now since I was a student in your class, but I wanted to apologize for my behavior towards you. You were as kind as can be expected towards me, but I was too young and troubled to appreciate this back then. To refresh your memory, I was the male student who missed the last three months of your class because I had attempted suicide and then was placed in the psych ward of a hospital. While in the hospital, I wrote a letter to you explaining that I was gay and had a crush on you. You were thoughtful enough at the time to then give a novel to my English teacher for her to deliver to me while I was in the hospital recovering. I believe the tutor relayed your well wishes to me as well, saying that you were flattered and still thought well of me. Throughout my entire senior year (the following years) I still felt very angry at the world and felt that my unrequited feelings towards you were representative of how my life was going to play out overall in the future. There were about 10 times when I called your home and then hung up on whoever answered. There was also an incident when I wrote “Mr. S. is a bastard “on the chalkboard of one of your classes before you had arrived to it. I want to apologize profusely. I was unconsciously trying to get you to hate me since you couldn’t love me. You deserve my appreciation and praise, not my immature mistreatment. Please acce[t my sincerest apologies. Your Former Student.

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