“Dear Little Sister, I've been thinking so much about you lately. Thinking about what a te…”

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Dear Little Sister, I've been thinking so much about you lately. Thinking about what a terrible sister I was to you. My heart aches for all the pain I caused you. I hope that one day you will know how much I loved you and love you. When mom left us and you were just a baby, I was only six years old. since I was the oldest female I was expected to take care of you so daddy could go to work. I resented both you and mom for that for a long time. I know it wasn't your fault, when mom came home three weeks later, I avoided you. I think because I felt scared because I didn't know how to take care of you. When we got older we had so many stupid fights. I am so sorry for that. Then when I grew up I had a child of my own. You were so good to my baby girl. She loves you so much. I'm so glad that you loved me despite everything I put you through. Thank you for being the sister I never was. A few years after my daughter was born I got to be there for you when you had your first child, She is a wonderful little girl just you were. Then God took you away from us so young, you didn't get to see your daughters first day of school. You would be so proud of her. I still cry every day for you. Wishing we could have just one more day together to show you how much I love you and how proud I always was of you. I miss you so much. You took a big piece of my heart with you. your daughter is loved and taken care of. Until one day When I see you again, Love your Big Sister

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