“Dear Grandfather, Even though you are gone, I wanted to spend a few minutes to thank you …”

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Dear Grandfather, Even though you are gone, I wanted to spend a few minutes to thank you for all the love and selfless devotion you gave me for so many years. Since my father was never around, you became our surrogate, and now I realize that you were, in all important ways, my father. I remember how you drove me in your car to help me deliver newspapers when it rained, how you drove me to school, how you showed me how to change the oil in the car, fix a toaster, and repair almost anything. I remember how you got me a job at the factory where you worked. I remember fondly how you would sit in your chair petting our cat behind the ears, peacefully purring while you both relaxed. I was young and self-absorbed, and I am sure I never thanked you for everything you did for me all the years I was growing up. I deeply regret this and want the universe to know that you were a good kind, loving man, honest, trustworthy, intelligent and I will deeply miss you. I miss you almost every day of my life. When you died I had just gotten sober and I remember my mother telling me on the payphone in a grungy Manhattan SRD. So I could never say goodbye to Pop - Goodbye. I love you so so much, and I will always love, remember, and emulate you in everything I do. Love - Your Grandson

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