“To The Girl With The Happy Marriage, Hello, I just needed to tell you that your husband and…”

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To The Girl With The Happy Marriage, Hello, I just needed to tell you that your husband and I met at work. He told me he was married and would come to my office every other day. For Christmas I decided to work extra hours and so did your husband. We spent the day in my office getting to know each other. Couple of months past and we continue to hang out more and more. We started having lunch together and we became great friends. We decided to smoke marijuana one day and we laughed so hard when I put eyedrops in his eyes. Well we decided to kiss too. And after that we would escape and make out at work and whenever we could. We went out for dinner one night and we continued to kiss. He took me home and I asked him if he wanted to come inside my home. He came in and we made love. After that, things became awkward. I really wanted a boyfriend and I know that your husband will never divorce you. So I decided to stop seeing your husband. We never told anyone and we kept it a secret. I quit my job and I did not see your husband for a while. But a couple of days ago I walked out of my house and your husband was driving in front of my house. We locked eyes and I waved. Immediately he called me. We talked for over an hour. He let me know that things are the same between the two of you. So I agreed to see him. I want to let you know that I am going to take her husband away. And I’m going to make him get me pregnant. He believes my tubes are tied, but they are not. I also plan on moving in with him and he will divorce you soon. He also let me know that he’s no longer in love with you and he hates you because you were a jerk and had sex with his friend. Well he is now mine and you are done. Sincerely, Your Husband’s New Hot Girlfriend

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