“Dear Friend, I have to vent some of my most recent frustrations. There is a parenting philos…”

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Dear Friend, I have to vent some of my most recent frustrations. There is a parenting philosophy that we cannot seem to achieve. Unfortunately this has resulted in conflicting punishments and disagreements all around. It is probably going to come to a head tomorrow when we meet with our psychologist. She plans to break the news that spanking is unacceptable. This will surely not go over well. My husband is likely to argue back or fail to admit that he constantly threatens to spank our son, and sometimes carries through. I am going to feel uncomfortable because I can sense the underlying motivations and know just how stubborn he can be about changing his ways. The larger problems are the behavior problems that we experience with air son continuing. Just this morning he threw a heavy, hard toy at me. The first time it hit the back of my leg and I told him to stop. Seconds later it hit the sensitive part of my back and hurt! He threw a tantrum for had a meltdown about it being the end of playtime. I finally got him calmed down in the car by talking about other things. I encouraged him to use his slow breathing to calm down but that technique failed. Meanwhile, my husband is difficult to convince. We were supposed to read about sensory processing disorder. Since he doesn't read, I sat him down and watched a DVD about it with him instead. It was too generic to fully get the point across and I could tell he was unconvinced. The disability is a fairly subtle one. I had never even heard of it until just three weeks ago Hopefully we will gain more insight through the psychologist tomorrow and the physical /occupational therapist next week. The more people I've been talking to the easier it has gotten. At first I was the sole champion tackling the battle of seeking special services for him. My job will be much easier if and when my husband will come on board. He can help with transportation too so we can share tips to and from appointments. I Knowing that I am doing everything in my power to help our son through these challenges he is facing is of some comfort, however, having our whole family on the same page will be much better.

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