“To the man who stole my heart then broke it, Do you have any idea how much you have hurt me?…”

To the man who stole my heart then broke it, Do you have any idea how much you have hurt me? Even now, years later I find myself still thinking of your day and night. I hate that you haunt my every waking moment as well as my dreams, you were perfect in my eyes, you became Unforgettable to me, Even though for years I have tried to forget. All I wanted was to give my heart, my love, my everything to you. I supported you, your hopes and your dreams, I prayed for you and encouraged you, I made so many sacrifices to be able to afford the trip back to live close to you and See you every day. Even when I was in the same city you did not make every effort to see me on a daily basis. Do you know or even care how rejected I felt? You said you loved me and I believed you enough to travel back to your country to give our relationship a chance. Then when I was living there you did not show the same love towards me that I felt before you broke my heart by not asking me to stay, or even trying to fight for me when I told you about a man in my home state that liked me. I know it was wrong of me to test you by telling you about him but. I wanted so desperately for you to express just how much you loved me and wanted a future with me! If you had just spoken from your heart, our lives would be so very different. Please, stop haunting me, give me peace by responding and telling me the truth of how you felt Please. Your lost love

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