“My Second Husband, I've wanted to tell you this for such a long time, but the time was never…”

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My Second Husband, I've wanted to tell you this for such a long time, but the time was never right. We did al to of living, raising our kids together - yours, mind, and ours- like the movie from the 60's, and for the most part I was happy. For many years, I thought you were too, and that's why it stung me so badly when I learned the truth. How could it not hurt? It felt like I was stabbed in my heart. Before "us," I'd been in a physically abusive marriage and know what that felt like. I was lucky enough to remove myself and my kids from it and focused on making my life with them the best it could be. And then you and your kids came into our lives. We feel in love with each other and our kids from our previous marriage became besties. Then we added a daughter of our own. I found a good man in you. One I could turn my back on and not feel like I could be hit from behind, for no reason other than pure meanness. That's why it hurt so bad when I found out you weren't the person I thought you were, you didn't kick or punch me or make me black and blue physically but emotionally you devastated me. I never told you I knew about your affairs, that all your close buddies knew, and I even learned that two of you buddies facilitated your trysts. But once I found out, it made sense to me why I couldn't get close to any of your friends - and why they couldn't get close to me = they knew the true you. I almost left you when our daughter left for college, but then you got cancer and I stayed, even though I wanted to be in the arms of my new lover every day, and now you're gone. It's been a beautiful memorial, all your "enabling" friends came, and even a few of your "affair" girlfriends. Our children will miss you terribly, and always think well of you that's my gift to you - to keep your secret and mine too. My other gift to you is this letter that will be placed on your chest, to be with you forever. Your Second Wife AKA The Babysitter

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