“Dear Stepmother, I never wanted you to marry my father. He deserved so much better than you.…”

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Dear Stepmother, I never wanted you to marry my father. He deserved so much better than you. When you came into our life, I would have done anything to keep you away from my home. Do you remember the day your car wouldn't start? I knew that you would get fired if you were late even one more time. The night before work I went into the garage and proceeded to sabotage your car. I grabbed a serrated knife from the kitchen drawer. I had read that if you use a serrated knife, and cut the hose in a car engine, you can make it look like and animal had chewed on the wires. I then proceeded to cut up hoses; had no idea which ones to cut so I chose the longer ones. I managed two hose cuts and then threw the serrated knife into the neighbors trash outside. You got up the next morning and got ready for work like you always do. I heard you open the garage door and try to start the car. No luck starting it. You called dad and he rushed home. He lifted the lid to the car and told you what he saw. My dad pointed out the two hoses that were damaged and said that it was quite possible that an animal, a squirrel or racoon, could have chewed through the wires. You were late again to work, and got fired. I had no idea that this would propel you to move in with us. If I had known this I would have done more or something else. Yes, I did all of that to your car to get you to go away and never want you to come back. I hated you that much. I hate you to this day and wish you had never come into our lives. Goodbye, Me.

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