“Dear Person who Hurt Me, I don't know who you are and I suppose I will never know. I know…”

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Dear Person who Hurt Me, I don't know who you are and I suppose I will never know. I know you may not know how much You've changed my life and you may not even care. But I do! I'm the one who has to live with what you did! I was only a baby and you felt the need to put your disgusting hands on me. You are sick in the mind? If hell were a real place where people burned for their sins, you should go there. I had no idea what happened to me until I was told as an adult what you did. Your actions have robbed me of many things and I just wish you could suffer or somehow you and I could meet so I could give you a piece of my mind. You're a coward for not coming forward because you know that if my family found out what you did, you would be sleeping with the fishes. I hate you for what you did to me and anytime I experience any pain, I have to pray. I have to pray to let go of the hurt and resantmant I feel towards you! I have topray to forgive you so that I can have peace in my life. It boggles my mind how you're the one who hurt me. You stole some of my life, my health, my peace of mind, and you walked away unscathed, as if nothing happenad. What hurts, even more, is that there is a big possibility that you are a family member. My flesh and blood! To fathom this makes me sick to my stomach! You ought to be ashamed of yourself you senseless pervert! You don't deserve this letter nor do you have power over mɛ anymore. I am not afraid of you! Unless you have truly repented from your disgusting ways I hope I am receiving justice in the form of you have a slow- killing disease or you're alrecely dead.. Sincerely, Victim

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