“To the person who will hear me out, I think that if we can get President Trump out of the Wh…”

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To the person who will hear me out, I think that if we can get President Trump out of the White House after the election there will be hope for this country. Donald Trump has been seen as the most fearful catalyst for social justice reform since the Civil Rights movement became a significant part of American history. Donald Trump has done more to defy laws, ethics, and transparency rules with his reckless behavior. He lacks basic human decency which is the reason why change is so important, more now than ever. Donald Trump has created a scary world for us to live in and has divided this nation to the point where life will never be the same again. Our children and their children will continue to face racism because of the deep-seeded form of discrimination and racism that Donald Trump embedded in the minds of people over the last four years. After Donald Trump has spread his open hate and carelessness towards a group of people by physical, economic, mental, and emotional abuse, he has created a movement where people from all around the world are discussing and debating the most constructive way to work together and fight against him. We now understand we need to battle this injustice on a systemic level. We have been seeing protects for the past several months focused on equality, particularly around police brutality. Unfortunately, protests are not enough. There is more we need to do. We need your help. We need you to vote to bring change. Sincerely, A Concerned Citizen

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