“To An Old Love, I wish we could have met at a better time in our lives. You were about to…”

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To An Old Love, I wish we could have met at a better time in our lives. You were about to graduate, a semester early even, and I was still just a junior in college. You're from the city and I'm from Upstate. Neither of us wanted to do a long-distance relationship, so we just left our status as a fling even though we both felt more than that. Both of us were premedical students, so our futures were also uncertain (and still are) since we could be going anywhere in the Country to continue school. Still, I don't regret the time we spent together or the things we did. You took me to Toronto for my first time, surprised me by bringing me to a record store where we picked out records for my collection. I took to you to Syracuse and even let you meet my parents and dog while we were in town. You taught me and showed me so much of your culture that I still appreciate to this day. Through social media, I see you have moved on, understandably. Thankfully we still keep in contact, joke & make fun of each other, and especially lately you have been giving me advice on preparing for medical school applications. There is a very good chance I will apply to the med school you will be attending, and a possibility that I would get in as well & maybe attend. I'm not sure if things would ever be like they were before between us but your friendship would still be cherished as I believe you would do with mine. At least I hope you do after I was the one who always handled our mice for research since you were so scared of the tiny creatures and I was the one to change the test chambers of mouse poop after we were done using them. Just kidding, I loved handling the mice. Regardless, I hope the best for you. Best, A Friend

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