“Dear Friend, I have always known that you were very independent with our relationship. …”

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Dear Friend, I have always known that you were very independent with our relationship. Since Seventh grade you would go through phases of aloofness or complete absence from my life. When you started dating that tattoo artist, the periods of absence became longer and longer. When you finally broke up with him for good, I was excited to get my best friend back. However, the next time I heard from you was six months later, when we planned to celebrate your birthday together. I was so excited to see you that I didn’t question the reason. The next day the calls came that you had been arrested. Heroin. I was shocked and terrified. Rehab for you, a two-hour drive I made twice. you looked happy, you talked a lot, hugged a lot. Smiled and even bounced with excitement. I told you I believed in you, that you were strong, and could do anything you wanted. Secretly I was terrified, I would randomly cry on my 30-minute commute, tried to prepare myself for your relapse. I don’t know if I was being heartless or realistic. Today you have been clean for 4 months, living in a halfway house on the other side of the country. You graduate in 29 days and once again I am scared for your future. I love you so much, I want you to live. I’m just not convinced that you do. Love always -

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