“Dear Best Friend, I have wanted to bring up an issue with our friendship for some time now. …”

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Dear Best Friend, I have wanted to bring up an issue with our friendship for some time now. The issues stem from the way you seem to have abandoned our friendship for your new girlfriend. We used to hang out at least once a week but we have not seen each other all summer despite us both working from home and living only 1 mile apart. I feel used now as well because the only time you will even speak with me is to vent about your girlfriend. We used to hang out and watch UFC fights almost every weekend but it has been almost five months since we last saw each other. There was even a three-month stretch where you didn't respond to me at all. It was only recently when you finally called me back and it was only to unload on me about the recent fight you had with your new girlfriend. I didn't complain and I did my best to provide an open ear because I could tell you needed to vent about the situation. After the third call about the same thing, I felt very used and frustrated but I kept on listening and did my best to provide useful advice, I felt like saying you were using me but I kept my thoughts to myself. I continued to occasionally ask if you wanted to hang out but you kept making up excuses. At this point, I'm not even sure if you actually like me anymore. I hope we can continue to be friends but it feels like our friendship has died. I will continue to be there if you need me but I hope you will do the same for me instead of continuously blow me off. Your friend always :)

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