“Dear Sir, I'm writing this letter to you to explain how I felt that day when you discriminat…”

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Dear Sir, I'm writing this letter to you to explain how I felt that day when you discriminated against me. I was walking down the street and you pulled up alongside me with another police officer in your car. You yelled at me to freeze, go up against the wall and show you my I.D. This was all in front of a busy popular restaurant in my neighborhood that had a long line of people coming out of it. You checked my ID, frisked me, and assumed I was guilty of whatever you thought I did. Everyone was staring at me. It was humiliating. You didn't explain why you were doing this. I was confused. After looking at my ID and seeing that I wasn't the person you were looking for and that I didn't have any warrants, you let me go. You drove off without explaining yourself. I was left with anxiety and embarrassment. I continued on my walk and caught up to you at the next traffic light. From there you shouted that you stopped me because my tattoos. Apparently you were looking for a murder suspect that also had his arms tattooed. Well, I forgive you for the mistake. But I'm still left with the memories of judgment. - D

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