“To The Woman I Cherish, My Secret, this has constantly been with me for over 28 years and ha…”

To The Woman I Cherish, My Secret, this has constantly been with me for over 28 years and has constantly been a burden to me and my soul. My soul feels out of place staring in a room full of humans. My thought always wandered home. The burden of not being understood. The burden of being misinterpreted, and misunderstood by all. In the midst of friends, I seem lost. Lost in my thought for tomorrow. Lost in the circumstance of life. Lost in the feeling of being alone. Lost without words. My secret, they are like tales which fill the eyes, tales which my mouth can't speak of, a secret that I fear one day would be opened, just like Pandora's Box unleashing a tale nobody knows. A tale only the eyes can understand because words will always fail me when expressing them. My big secret has always been you. You! You! You! You are my hope, my strength, and my life. Losing you has been my last big mistake. The secret, I will always keep to the end of my Last days - Seeing your smile made me lift for joy, this secret I will keep as I dare not show you, my love, for it has now become a taboo to show my weakness. So I must man up, swallow the bitter blue pills and accept my FATE. A fate that would be without you, a fate that existed outside your world. I must traverse to the end of the universe, just to see you smile, and yet I must keep all to myself a secret. As the gods have forbidden our love, the gods are to blame for this, for I am a mere human, I am helpless before your charm. An old friend lover

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