“Dear Future Husband, Is it odd that I miss you when we have never met. It's really exhaustin…”

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Dear Future Husband, Is it odd that I miss you when we have never met. It's really exhausting waiting for you! Nevertheless, I've made the most of my time alone, having visited over twenty states & foreign countries, earning two degrees, gone on three humanitarian trips, served a long-term mission, made a lot of friends, and am becoming more established in my career. I hope to help take care of my parents when age makes life hard for them. In one year, five months and two weeks, I will be debt-free, I'm becoming increasingly angry at the predatory nature of student loans. They take advantage of naive kids who will be payments for years and decades after. The fact that we will be paying for the baby-boomers Social Security isn't bad enough. The injury is added to the insult that we will be scrambling to retire with higher health care costs, with retirement plans that offer less than our parent's generation. in houses that are smaller and cost more than the people who will sell them to us, surviving on wages that have not increased sufficiently with inflation. What will we pass on to our own children if the whole game is rigged to keep us down? Only the top survive. For the rest of the masses, there is the opium of entertainment. It alarms me how a video game can pacify college students who should be up in arms about the hand they have been dealt with. The smartphone can regurgitate facts at the touch of a button and has ultimately killed curiosity. We are instantly satiated and bury our heads in the vast world of entertainment and fail to ask what is really important. We hope others are planning ahead for us, we hope that it'll all work out. But I'm afraid we've deceived ourselves. I'm worried about our society-even without bringing current politics into it. I worry that with each passing year I'm becoming more bitter and cynical. I hope wherever you are, you are keeping your hope up. Despite all the bad in the world, lam amazed at how much good one person can make - the hope they instill and the love they share. Please find me soon. Please help me keep the hope of a good future. Sincerely, Your Future Wife

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