“Dear Ex-Friend, I have a secret. I got you fired from a job. Both of us worked for the compa…”

Dear Ex-Friend, I have a secret. I got you fired from a job. Both of us worked for the company and you were constantly trying to boss me around as though you were my supervisor, when actually we were peers. I got tired of it. I had a friend call you one day, pretending to be a human resource rep saying that your name had been submitted as being a great candidate for a job. The job was well-paying, had great benefits, and you'd be able to have quite a few opportunities for advancement. My friend then asked if you would be interested in coming in for an interview. So the interview was scheduled a few days later. On the day of the interview, you called in sick. Of course, I knew that you thought you were going to a job interview. I then had my friend call me at the office pretending to be the HR rep. She asked to speak with you and I told her you weren't in. She asked me to contact you and let you know that the position had been filled and your interview was canceled. So I went to the company owner and told them that we needed to get in touch with you to tell you something about your job interview being canceled. He then knew that you had lied about being sick when actually you were going on a job interview. When you came to work the next day, he called you into his office where he explained that he knew you had lied. He then told you that because he couldn't trust you, he was terminating your employment. It was a mean thing to do, and I'm sorry. Sincerely, Your Friend.

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