“To A Very Close Family Member, Hello, I want to share some unfortunate information with you.…”

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To A Very Close Family Member, Hello, I want to share some unfortunate information with you. You were born to two aweful parents, and even worse, they are very subtle about their awfulness. I don't know your father & mother too well, but I have observed and learned of abhorrent behaviour. Let's start with your father. He does not acknowledge his accountability for his actions to a detrimental degree. From what I understand, he had no father and a god-awful mother, but he chooses to do many things that will hurt you. He physically assaulted your mom in front of you ( I know he did, you might not know). You told me how many times you talked to the police. Next on to your mom, I have noticed that you have adopted some of her self-isolating attitudes, You will laugh at people who ask you questions and shame them. Given your age, I do not hold you responsible, but it is something I have told your grandparents about and wished I could tell you about in a way that you could fully understand. Your mom also has completely given up on being a good role model. She cries capriciously and is rude, desperately gets out of chores, and spends all day watching QVC. You do not know how much I think about this and try to steer your life away from this toxic behavior in spite of risking our very special relationship, In conclusion, I tried to illustrate how much I and people I inform are aware of major pitfalls in your life. Also how I am trying to mitigate this. Please stay hopeful and keep your positive creative spirit, Love, A Close Family Member

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