“Dear old friend, I still think about you from time to time. I know we had a lot of histo…”

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Dear old friend, I still think about you from time to time. I know we had a lot of history. At some point we were best friends! Oh how time flew. I have a lot of resentment. The last time we spoke was bittersweet. And though I initially intended to remain in contact with you… Perhaps it was best to be separated. We were good for each other, but we both couldn't respect each other. I really loved you. The feelings I had for you were real. I did as much as I could to be there for you, but I was hurting. I knew you valued me as a friend, and I knew you did a lot for me too. But you lead me on… You always told me how we were perfect for each other. But you always said… "Maybe in the future…" I just couldn't do it anymore. I waited for you for about seven long years. I can't wait much longer. You frustrate me! I know just because I love you doesn't mean you had to return it. But maybe I would have rested easier if you told me we had no chance. I gave you everything I could have mustard… and you couldn't tell me "no." I just couldn't put myself through that. It was impossible for me to not love you when you were always around. Perhaps distance was the best for the both of us. For that, I do wish you the best I resent our past, but I know that our friendship, at the least, meant something. Here's to adulthood! And I hope you finally found that special someone. – Your Old Best Friend

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