“Dear Conservatives of the United States Government, I honestly can not believe that you …”

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Dear Conservatives of the United States Government, I honestly can not believe that you support the illegalization of abortion in the United States. In case you have not forgotten, it is the year 2019 and not the 1950s! It honestly feels like you are making the country go backward in time with your idiotic decisions, thinking, and beliefs. I was so angry when I heard about the ruling in Alabama. I was absolutely flushed. I could not believe that something like that could happen in this day and age. It feels like women are being suppressed. Their rights on their own bodies are being violated just because conservatives decided so. Your religious Thellets have no place in politics! Their decisions are ruining the country as a whole. I sometimes wish I were not born here or live here. It is just unbelievable! I am beyond pissed off. What gives you the right to decide on how people should live their lives? You do not know the first reason why women would choose to get an abortion. It is none of your damn business either. I believe that if men could get pregnant something like this would not happen because men are "manly" and should get to decide what to do with their bodies. This is complete bullshit! I hate this country! I hate conservatives. They are cowards in my eyes. They do not have any idea what they are talking about! They should not even be given a choice to vote in politics! Soon your baby boomers will die off one by one. And with that the young or generation will start to replace you. I cannot wait for that day to happen! I will celebrate it! Signed, Your Liberal Enemy

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