“To My Beautiful Blonde Twin, (Remember when we first truly met, it was because everyone t…”

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To My Beautiful Blonde Twin, (Remember when we first truly met, it was because everyone thought we were twin sisters? I miss you terribly! Rarely does a day go by when you're not in the forefront of my mind. I still grieve your family's loss. I live for the loss of you in my life. For so many years, I felt terribly quilty - like, I could have saved you. I was supposed to be there at the party with you. Had my family not had obligations, I would have been could. Could I have saved you or changed anything? That is the question that haunts me to this day. I find peace that our previous quarrels were resolved prior to your death. You were the most amazing & close friend I've ever had. You introduced me to people and a world that shaped and changed my life. You used to break my heart, threatening self-harm when I'd go on dates. I never told anyone about that. I am so very thankful that's not and how your life came to an end. I'm glad you realized that I didn't & never would choose a guy over our friendship. The great cloud of your death did offer a silver lining. I would have never found myself with my then-boyfriend, now husband. We have a beautiful family, our son shares your birthday. If that's not a sign that you are with us, I don't know what is. :) I love you & am so thankful for having you in my life. Love Always

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