“To The Guy That Made Me Want More, I most likely will never, ever see you again unless y…”

To The Guy That Made Me Want More, I most likely will never, ever see you again unless your acting goes really well. We'll never talk again, we'll never hang out, joke, or take long drives at night. I feel some regret with all that, but at the same time, I don't. You were cool and we had a lot in common it was kinda weird at first. We like the same music and I think that's what started it all. Hanging out with you gave me a new perspective on life. I allowed me to really talk openly about how I felt in my life at that time. I didn't feel judged about my concerns wants, fears, and questions. Even though conversation were sometimes about another man, you weren't nervous to talk or give advice. I enjoyed your company and still miss those times. But, I was also easy prey. I wanted to physically feel good, wanted, and validated. You knew this, and you were very charming. I agreed to do something with you, but failed to keep my promise to another. I was guilty of doing what the other person I ended up hurting had done to me. I became a hypocrite and knew that I had ruined both our relationship and the one with my partner. I regret all of that with you. In the end, you basically showed me off, you got what you wanted, even if you didn't expect it. Yay for you. In the end, I still wish we were just friends and nothing more, but the more I write and think of your true colors, it might have been nice not even bothering with you From Your Confused Regretter

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