“Dear Hot Deli Girl, I love it when I can go to the store and buy deli meats and cheese from …”

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Dear Hot Deli Girl, I love it when I can go to the store and buy deli meats and cheese from you. Your smile and awesome attitude make any day a lot brighter. I am always too timid to even attempt to ask you for your number or to take the conversation to a different level. I can only keep it business professional. I am also a recovering addict who lives with his mom because my house next door burned down. I am not sure If you would be ok talking to an addict, or if you possibly use. If you do, I couldn't proceed to anything else but deli service. I currently only have 30 days clean, but it is a strong start. I don't like telling people about this, but I don't like hiding things either. I also have a pending court case for alleged drug sales. Another concern is me seeming like a weirdo by asking for your number. l guess the saying goes "closed mouths don't get fed." I think the next time I go into the store I will see how things go. Today you were in a cage by the front door asking for bail to get out. I blew any chance to say something fumy, or say "here's a dollar can l get your number?" I thought it was cool that you were doing that for the Children's Hospital. I like people who do nice things for others. This is a quality I generally look for in friends. Well, I have made this letter long enough. I just wanted to say you are a beautiful person inside and out from what I can tell so far and I hope that I can get to know you more and that things will go well. Hopefully, I will ask for your number one day. Your Admirer, Anonymous

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